What is FDL?

FDL Europe is an artificial intelligence research accelerator established to apply AI technologies to challenges in space exploration for the benefit of all humankind. 

The program is a public / private partnership between ESA and commercial partners such as Nvidia who provide expertise and the vast compute resources necessary for rapid experimentation and iteration in data intensive areas, and partners such as Satellite Applications Catapult and the University of Oxford.

A critical aspect of FDL's proven innovation methodology is the formation to interdisciplinary teams focused on tacking a specific challenge. Each team is composed of at least two subject specialists from the space sciences and two specialists from the data sciences. These challenge teams are selected by world class network of mentors who work closely with teams through intensive research and development sprints.

FDL Europe is able to work with agencies, private partners and experts around the world and is twinned with the NASA FDL run in partnership with the NASA's Ames Research Center.