FDL Europe 2019: Disaster Prevention, Progress & Response (Floods) Team


FDL Europe 2019: Disaster Prevention, Progress & Response (Floods) Team


Researcher Gonzalo Mateo-García
Gonzalo is a PhD student in the Image and Signal Processing group in Universidad deValencia, where he conducts research in applied Machine Learning to satellite imagery.Specifically he is focused in transfer learning for cloud detection in optical sensors where thegoal is to develop accurate cloud detection models that work across different satellites.Previously he worked at Meteologica applying ML to renewable energy forecasting. Gonzaloholds a MSc in Applied Statistics and a double BSc in Mathematics and Computer Science. Onhis free time he enjoys cycling and he is an open-water swimmer.


Researcher Josh Veitch-Michaelis
I enjoy working at the intersection between hardware, software and anywhere in-between; particularly if there is an opportunity for cross-domain application. In 2016, I received my PhD in space and climate physics from the Mullard Space Science Laboratory (University College London), where I combined stereo image processing techniques (used for planetary mapping) with LIDAR. My thesis examined how these techniques could be applied to industrial contexts. After graduating, I spent two years in industry, developing bespoke computer vision systems for a variety of environments - from smart agriculture to nuclear. Now I am working as a postdoc in the Astro-Ecology group at Liverpool John Moores University, building a real-time, embedded, deep learning system to detect animals in thermal and visible images captured from drones. In my spare time, I am involved in outreach via the International Astronomical Youth Camp since 2011, and am currently the vice president of its host organisation.


Researcher Lewis Smith
Lewis Smith was born Chesterfield, UK. He studied physics at the University of Manchester, before being accepted into the Autonomous Intelligent Machines and Systems CDT at the University of Oxford for his DPhil studies. At Oxford, he is a member of Yarin Gal’s research group, and his research interests include deep learning, Bayesian methods, and trying to combine the two, making deep learning methods more reliable and able to cope with generalisation. He is also interested in applications of machine learning to the physical sciences, especially astrophysics. Outside of work, he enjoys reading, playing the guitar and spending time in the pub.


Researcher Silviu Oprea
I’m Silviu. I’m a PhD student in Data Science at the University of Edinburgh. I’m interested in computational linguistics and computational social science. In my Phd, I am investigating how the usage of sarcasm in natural language varies across cultures. Using insight from linguistics and psychology, I build computational models that learn to detect and interpret sarcasm. Before my PhD I completed an MRes in Data Science at Edinburgh, an MSc in Computer Science at the University of Oxford and a BSc in Computer Science at Jacobs University in Germany. I was also a researcher at the National Institute for Standards and Technology in the US and a software engineer in a few companies. I enjoy playing the guitar, the piano, singing, driving fast cars, weightlifting, learning about fitness nutrition, studying Christian theology and discussing about faith and science.

Leonard Silverberg